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Tragic Collision on South Westmoreland Road: A Closer Look at the Incident between Quentasia McFail and Matthew Marc Baca

In the early hours of July 27th, 2023, a devastating accident occurred at the intersection of South Westmoreland Road and Groveview Drive in Dallas, Texas. The incident involved a 2017 black Toyota Corolla driven by 57-year-old Matthew Mark Baca and a pedestrian, 15-year-old Quentasia Lakenya McFail. The collision highlights the critical importance of road safety and pedestrian awareness. The crash transpired around 1:30 am when Unit #1, the Toyota Corolla, was traveling southbound on the right lane of 3000 South Westmoreland Road. Unit #2, Quentasia McFail, a pedestrian, was attempting to cross 3000 South Westmoreland Road from east to west. It’s important to note that McFail was not using a designated crosswalk or crossing area. As McFail initiated her crossing, Unit #1, driven by Matthew Baca, was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision. The impact occurred at the front left side of the Toyota Corolla, propelling McFail onto the car’s hood and windshield. The force of the impact caused damage to both the vehicle and the pedestrian.

Following the initial collision, McFail was carried on the front of the Toyota Corolla, with her body eventually falling off the car and coming to a stop in the middle lane. The collision resulted in severe injuries to McFail, who was then immediately taken to the Methodist Dallas Medical Center for medical attention. Tragically, McFail’s injuries were assessed as severe, and she was admitted to the hospital for treatment. The circumstances of the accident point to the dangers of jaywalking and crossing roads at undesignated areas, especially during nighttime hours. McFail’s decision to cross South Westmoreland Road without using a crosswalk or designated crossing point significantly contributed to the accident. Matthew Baca, the driver of the Toyota Corolla, was traveling within the speed limit and couldn’t react in time due to the sudden appearance of the pedestrian on the road. The incident underscores the importance of both responsible driving and pedestrian safety.

The collision on South Westmoreland Road serves as a tragic reminder of the consequences of not adhering to road safety rules. Pedestrians are urged to use designated crosswalks and follow traffic signals when crossing roads. Drivers must remain vigilant, especially during low-light conditions, and be prepared to react swiftly to unexpected road situations. As the investigation continues, it is hoped that this unfortunate incident will lead to increased awareness and discussions about pedestrian safety, responsible driving, and the importance of community initiatives to prevent such accidents in the future. Our hearts go out to Quentasia McFail and her family as she recovers from this distressing event.

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