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Central Expressway Motorcycle Collision: Tameka Smallwood & Anthony Lusk in Dallas, Texas

Central Expressway Motorcycle Collision Tameka Smallwood & Anthony Lusk in Dallas, Texas

On August 13, 2023, a collision occurred on the bustling streets of Dallas, Texas. The incident, which unfolded at 1:40 am, involved two vehicles – a 2020 white Can-Am Ryker motorcycle operated by Tameka Smallwood, and a 2013 black Harley-Davidson FLH motorcycle ridden by Anthony Lusk. This collision serves as a somber reminder of the importance of responsible driving and motorcycle safety.

The crash transpired at the intersection of North Central Expressway and Southwestern Boulevard. According to the investigator’s narrative, Anthony Lusk on the Harley-Davidson was traveling northbound on the 7700 block of North Central Service Road, occupying the right lane. Tameka Smallwood, riding the Can-Am Ryker, was also in the right lane and positioned behind Lusk. Tragically, the collision occurred when Smallwood failed to control her speed, colliding with the rear of Lusk’s Harley-Davidson. The force of the impact caused Lusk to fall off his motorcycle, resulting in significant injuries. Tameka Smallwood, the rider of the Can-Am Ryker, suffered injuries as a result of the accident and was transported to Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas Hospital. Her injuries were classified as “A” on the injury severity scale, indicating that they were significant but not life-threatening. Anthony Lusk, the operator of the Harley-Davidson, sustained injuries classified as “N,” signifying that his injuries were not severe enough to warrant hospitalization.

The collision on North Central Expressway serves as a sobering reminder that accidents can happen at any time and to anyone. It highlights the importance of responsible driving and motorcycle safety measures. Our thoughts are with Tameka Smallwood and Anthony Lusk, and we hope for their swift recovery. May this incident encourage all road users to prioritize safety, vigilance, and responsible behavior on our streets.

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