Crash News Coverage for Texas

Tragic Motorcycle Wreck in Arlington, Bradley Cubitt Left Seriously Injured

On the evening of July 5th, 2023, tragedy struck in Arlington, Texas, as a motorcycle collision occurred at the intersection of Lone Trail Drive and Harris Hawk Way. The accident involved a single vehicle, a 2004 black Aprilia motorcycle driven by 42-year-old Bradley Cubitt. At 9:49 pm, Bradley Cubitt was riding his 2004 Aprilia motorcycle southbound on the 3800 block of Lone Trail Drive. The crash happened shortly after a slight curve in the roadway. According to the investigator’s narrative, it appears that Cubitt failed to control his speed effectively as he navigated this curve. This lapse in control led to devastating consequences.

Tragically, the motorcycle struck and rode along the curb after the curve, resulting in a crash that ejected Bradley Cubitt from his motorcycle. The report does not indicate the presence of another vehicle involved in the collision. However, it’s clear that the speed and impact were significant enough to cause Cubitt to lose control and be thrown from the motorcycle. Bradley Cubitt suffered from serious injuries as a result of the crash. He was subsequently transported to an undisclosed hospital for medical attention. The extent of his injuries and the subsequent medical procedures were not detailed in the crash report.

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