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Southlake, Tarrant County Crash: Nicolas Juvenal Murillo Calderon’s SUV Collides with Junious Akeern Jamar Richard’s 18-Wheeler on Northwest Pkwy

Southlake, Tarrant County Crash Nicolas Juvenal Murillo Calderon's SUV Collides with Junious Akeern Jamar Richard's Wheeler on Northwest Pkwy

On June 23, 2023, at approximately 5:56 AM, a crash occurred in Southlake, Tarrant County. The incident took place on Northwest Pkwy at the intersection with Kimball Ave. Involved in the collision were an SUV driven by Nicolas Juvenal Murillo Calderon and an 18-wheeler operated by Junious Akeern Jamar Richard. Nicolas Juvenal Murillo Calderon was driving a black 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, while Junious Akeern Jamar Richard was in control of a white 2022 Freightliner 18-wheeler. The crash resulted in injuries to Nicolas Juvenal Murillo Calderon, classified as Severity A, while Junious Akeern Jamar Richard reported no injuries.

According to the investigator’s narrative, the 18-wheeler, towing another vehicle, was stationary on the improved shoulder in the 2400 block of E Hwy 114 WB. It was reported that there were no traffic cones or triangles deployed, and it is unknown if any lights were activated at the time of the accident. Nicolas Juvenal Murillo Calderon’s SUV approached the 18-wheeler from behind and collided with the left rear corner of the trailer with his its front-end. The driver of the SUV lost consciousness upon the arrival of the officers, preventing them from providing details on what caused them to drive on the improved shoulder.

Nicolas Juvenal Murillo Calderon, the driver of the SUV, was transported to Baylor, Scott & White in Grapevine for medical treatment. Junious Akeern Jamar Richard, the driver of the 18-wheeler, did not sustain any injuries. Both vehicles involved in the crash were towed by B&B Wrecker from the scene.

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