Crash News Coverage for Texas

March 27, 2023 Dallas Man Charged with Killing Gilberto Campos Molinero and Artemio Licea Bolanos while Texting and Driving in Garland, TX Crash

Garland Police have charged Marcelino Delos Santos, Jr. with two counts of Manslaughter for his involvement in a crash that claimed the lives of Gilberto Campos Molinero and Artemio Licea Bolanos who were on their way to work. Investigators say that Delos Santos was traveling at a high rate of speed and texting when he ran a red light and crashed into a sedan at the intersection of South First Street and Casalita Drive. No other details are available at this time.

COMMENTARY: Two innocent men on their way to work lost their lives and the driver responsible for the collision is sitting in jail all because of senseless behavior. I think what frustrates me with these types of crime is that drivers know a crash can claim an innocent life, yet they engage in reckless behavior and seemingly believe it won’t happen to them. Speeding and texting while driving cost these men their lives. Is a charge of Manslaughter given because it is the most fair charge, or is the charge determined because prosecutors don’t think they can get a conviction for murder? Time will only tell. Statistics indicate that this charge will be reduced and the offender may go on to cause another accident. I hope this driver learns a lesson from this experience and discontinues his reckless behavior.

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