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Jack Lawson Died in a UTV Crash at Rednecks & Paychecks in St. Jo, TX

Authorities have released the name of a Denison man who died this weekend at the Rednecks with Paychecks annual Fall Mudcrawl event outside Saint Jo.

According to Montague County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy, Jack Lawson, 61-year-old Rickey Doty of Denison, died Saturday evening at the festival.  Authorities are awaiting autopsy results, but Lawson stated that Mr. Doty suffered a clear head injury.  He was allegedly riding his side-by-side utility task vehicle (UTV) when he was knocked to the bottom of a steep hill.  According to Lawson, the other person in the UTV left to seek assistance. Doty was discovered without a helmet and a ballcap was discovered next to his body.  The most recent reported death at one of the hugely popular gatherings occurred in 2021 when a 23-year-old McKinney man drowned when his truck sank in a pond.  Observers of the previous incident reported Ian Miller drove through a mud puddle, over an embankment, and into a pond. Attempts by bystanders to save him were futile.  According to previous reports, the latest death brings the total number of people killed in off-road accidents at the event since 2015 to seven.

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