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January 28, 2023 – Drowsy Driver Causes Collision in Fatal Melissa, TX Crash

I recently read a story about what the author termed “Drowsy Driving”. You hear about crashes involving drowsy driving all the time, but many of us think it will never happen to us. In a moment, lives can be changed forever. An unfortunate example of the horrors of drowsy driving is a crash that happened on US 75 and CR 275 in Melissa, TX. The crash report indicates it happened on a weekday just before midnight. Officers say that 21-year-old Tyler Rayvone Lange was disabled in the roadway due to being involved in a prior crash. It goes on to say that an SUV driven by 23-year-old Jesenia Martinez was traveling northbound and struck the disabled vehicle, causing Lange to be hit. Lange was transported to Medical Center of McKinney where he later passed. Martinez did not report any injuries at the time of the accident, but did tell officers that she fell asleep while driving.


Two families are forever changed because someone got behind the wheel of a vehicle and drove while drowsy. The driver who fell asleep may not only be faced with guilt, future insurance battles, but may have mounting legal issues as well. Immediate family members who lose a loved one may have a Wrongful Death Claim against the driver who caused the wreck. This type of claim might even include a claim on behalf of the loved one for their pain and suffering at the time of the accident. Understanding all options
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