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Fatal Collision on E Northwest Hwy – Kirk Jackstadt and James Hemby Jr in Dallas Tragedy

Fatal Collision on E Northwest Hwy Kirk Jackstadt and James Hemby Jr in Dallas Tragedy

On November 13th, 2023, a devastating incident occurred on East Northwest Highway in Dallas, resulting in a fatal collision between a 2013 white Ford F150, driven by 74-year-old Kirk Jackstadt, and a 2022 blue Kawasaki ZX636 motorcycle operated by 43-year-old James Hemby Jr from Hurst.

The crash unfolded at 5:55 pm at the intersection of East Northwest Hwy and Mediterranean Drive. Unit 1, the Ford F150, was traveling eastbound in the left lane, while Unit 2, the Kawasaki motorcycle, was traveling westbound in the left lane. Unit 1 executed a U-turn at the intersection where a No U-Turn Sign was posted, turning when it was unsafe to do so.

Unit 2 attempted a faulty evasive action, resulting in the motorcycle falling on its side and sliding westbound. A 38-foot skid mark, generated by Unit 2, was observed approximately 136 feet before the impact zone. Unit 2 and its operator collided with the right side of Unit 1. Tragically, James Hemby Jr showed no signs of life when attended to by Dallas Fire Rescue at the scene at 6:16 pm due to injuries sustained in the collision.

The Vehicle Crimes Unit detectives and supervisor responded to the scene, conducting a forensic scan of the area. The Investigating Officer had Body Worn Camera evidence. The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office was notified, however, the report remains incomplete pending blood toxicology results for James Hemby Jr, the operator of Unit 2.

This heartbreaking incident underscores the importance of adhering to traffic signs and exercising caution on the road. As the Dallas community mourns this tragic loss, it serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing need for road safety awareness and responsible driving practices. Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of James Hemby Jr during this difficult time.

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